Playing to win online slots: useful tips for casino players

Millions of people around the world enjoy playing slot machines at online casinos, but few think the chances of winning go beyond mere luck. After all, the way the reels spin in these slot machines is completely random. The software used to generate the results is literally called the “random number generator”. It is therefore normal that when we play slots we hope to win, but still have no real expectations.

Does this mean that playing online casino slots only means seeing the reels spinning and hoping? Maybe not. It is certainly impossible to affect the reels to spin the way we would like, but there are ways you can make your time spent playing more productive. You just have to dedicate some time and effort to do the following.

Discover the volatility of slots, not just the RTP

Discover the volatility of slots

Most casinos will show the RTP (Return to Player), or the percentage of return to the player, for each of their slots. But not everyone will show the equally important number which refers to the volatility of a game. This is important since the RTP is a measure of probability calculated over at least one hundred spins, and in reality it is only shown after thousands of attempts. Low volatility with a high RTP is the best combination, as it means that while a high percentage of the money played on the slot will pay off as a win, that level of winning will be demonstrated in fewer spins. So if you’re only going to play fifty spins, you should have a decent return.

Play and evaluate the bonuses

Choosing the right casino is also important in winning slot machines. Each casino in Italy offers different types of bonuses to players, and it is likely that these can only be used on slot machines (or that there will be strict conditions regarding use in other games). You should look for bonuses that have low or no wagering requirements if possible. The less expensive the requirements, the more money you can keep after playing with your bonuses.

Be prepared to lose repeatedly

Be prepared to lose

You will lose more often than you will win at slot machines, even by taking advantage of all available opportunities to prevent losses. This is how online casinos make money, with people losing more than they win. This does not mean that you will not win anything on your first spin or that you will not take home any winnings. Maybe you will win, and when you do, don’t be reluctant to collect your winnings and leave the casino. Most players will waste a lot of time continuing to play, so take winning as a stroke of luck and don’t overdo it. Smart gamers know that when the game is going well it’s time to stop, and you should do the same.


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