Poker is a casino game that people play with 52 cards. Poker regulars are usually sound enough to make some profit, but they aren’t usually creative or aggressive enough to raise the stakes. An efficient strategy for a quick win against them is to attack their blinds, triple-bet them when you’re positioned, and apply pressure on them on connected boards. They usually wait for big hands to earn money, so they’ll often surrender pots if you put them under enough pressure on the right board types.

Yu can improve your poker skills at Playamo Casino, and in this post, we will tell you hot to go about that.

Track Results With a Spreadsheet

Microsoft spreadsheets are great for so many things, including poker. A poker spreadsheet will help you track results, calculate percentages, and keep records. One of the best recommendations for a spreadsheet to use is Microsoft Excel.

Get a Mentor

There are a lot of advantages to having an expert mentor you at poker. You don’t always have to play poker in solitude. However, you have to pay somehow, as they won’t give up time, energy, expert advice, and wisdom earned through experience for nothing.

They usually accept payment for mentorship services in different ways; some will charge a fee upfront to help you, and some will help you stake and expect a percentage of your winnings. Either way, they’re worth the fees when they can help your game improve exponentially.

Pick Your Position Carefully

Picking your seat carefully could help you make less difficult decisions easier. Choosing to sit to the left of an aggressive type of player at the table is a very wise move. It is ideal for you to follow them on every round of betting.

If you had to act before them, you’d be in a bind, often trying to decide and being susceptible to getting bullied. By following them, you are most likely in the best position to win more pots.


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